July 24, 2012

Death by Darjeeling

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Death by Darjeeling by Laura Childs

I find it amusing how there are now so many really specific niches of mystery novels- mysteries for dog lovers, knitters, park rangers and yes now tea lovers. Theodosia Browning runs the Indigo Tea Shop in a peaceful, historic district of Charleston, NC. But on the night of the Lamplighter Tour, a annual event showcasing the stately homes of the area, a ruthless* real estate developer is found dead, with a cup of tea from her shop in is hand. When the police detective casts suspicion on her and her employees, she decides to take matters into her own hands and investigate. This proves difficult, as the developer is disliked by many in the community.

I would definitely say this is more of a book for tea-lovers who like mysteries, rather than mystery lovers who casually like tea.
That said, the story drew me in, Theodosia was a unique and appealing heroine
and the descriptions of the characters and the historic city of Charleston also added interest. This is a nice, light read, and while a murder mystery, it is still not gruesome or that creepy. So you can give it to your grandma the tea maven 🙂

(*So what does ruth-ful mean then?)