December 14, 2009

Update Backlog!

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Well, it seems dear readers I have been neglecting this blog. I have been posting my reviews elsewhere, on my Goodreads account, and on Visual Bookshelf on Facebook. But I have forgotten about this blog!  If you have a Goodreads account or would like to create one you can follow my reviews there, its the place that I update the most.  So I will be posting the books I have reviewed since then up here. But I have a lot more to say about  book-related events in my Twin Cities, Minnesota metro area, upcoming releases & comparisons to book-related movies and other things that are not reviews. My original intent for this blog was for it to be about my hobbies in general, including crafts & genealogy so I will also consider if I still want to do that. Even if I do, it will still probably mostly be about books!

One change I would like to make would be to post pictures & links for each book, so you can click on a book that interests you and go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or another site to learn more, and possibly buy it.  However, I would like to encourage you to support your independent bookstore, as many of them have been going out of business due to competition with these corporations. Keeping mom & pop stores alive helps your local economy and adds unique character to the place you live in. I will be thinking about how to solve this problem. In the meantime, you can still go to Indie Bound (formerly BookSense- I hadn’t realized they’d change their name til I just checked it today!) to find your closest independent bookstore.   Also,  try your local library. The price is right! And if they don’t have what you’re looking for, talk to a librarian about inter-library loan.




May 29, 2007


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I think I may be doing some re-organization. I realized that by listing the authors on the side as categories, I’m going to end up with a really long list that’ll take up a huge length of the page. Instead I’m thinking of listing names of series so books can be put into those- since most of the fiction I read has at least 1 sequel. Then all the books, whether they’re in series or not can be on the Title Index page (changed to Author index) listed by author. The series categories will also include related books like anthologies, and “companion” books that may be by a different author. Or series that have more than one author.

At this point, though it doesn’t matter much as I don’t have that many book reviews up yet.

Also: I came up with a couple new categories that need a little explanation- Retold Tales is any traditional or well-known story being retold or reinterpreted. Or it might be a “prequel” given the backstory to a character like Wicked. Originally it was going to be fairy tales but then I realized there are some well-known stories being re-told that aren’t fairy tales per se.

Arthurian legend (Or maybe “Arthuriana?”) is a category that will include both fiction- novels  inspired by the Arthur tales and nonfiction- the original tales themselves, scholarly commentary on it etc.

September 5, 2006

Changes to this Blog

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I’ve realized that I don’t really have enough to say about autism/disability to blog about it regularly, though I do like to write about it when the mood strikes me or something about it comes up. I have more to say about politics and religion, so if you’re interested in those, check out my other blog.
I’ve been wanting a place to put book reviews (I read a LOT!) that is easier to organize than livejournal, and I don’t want to start another blog right now. For now I will keep the autism/disability posts here until I can figure out where else they should go.

I suppose when I write more on these topics I’ll put them on the other blog, under an autism/disability category. Of course I will post on any other changes to the blog.

But if you are a reader who shares any of my interests, stay tuned.

March 24, 2006

International WordPress

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Huh. Didn’t realize how international WordPress was. I clicked the “Next Blog” button a few times to see what I’d get, and went thru an Asian blog (not sure what language- in Roman characters though) German, and another in one of the Scandinavian languages.

I think search engines have language settings or something- because most hits I get are in English- though that may be more because of a general English bias on the web. I like checking out foreign sites sometimes though. The BBC is a good source of news, and I’ve found a bunch of interesting Canadian sites as well. I’m interested in seeing more Spanish sites, since I speak Spanish- I can understand much of Portuguese too since they’re so closely related- and quite a bit of Italian and some French. Sometime I may study another Romance language…

March 16, 2006

Subject of this blog

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I’m debating how general the subject of this blog should be. I started it to have a more public space for thoughts- and decided to make my livejournal more devoted to personal stuff.
I originally thought it would be for politics, religion, sexuality and disability issues, which are the topics I tend to write about. So I specifically looked for a blog site that had categories you could make for posts. But now I’m thinking, the idea of a blog as opposed to a journal is supposed to be more specific. If I want to have a more “professional” blog, and engage in dialogue with a particular community- then I should focus on that topic- and exchange links with other bloggers in that area, do an RSS feed, etc. So I was thinking of creating another blog- on blogger about religion.

But I’m afraid that if I create too many blogs, each of them won’t get written in much, because I’ll be spread too thin. So, I don’t know. I think I’ll just post on whatever for a while, and if I get any interested readers I can see what they think.