January 29, 2009


Posted in Fantasy, Fiction at 10:15 pm by caelesti

Snowwalker by Catherine Fisher

When Jessa & her cousin Thorkil are banished to the north by the sorceress Gudrun who has enchanted their land, they expect death. In a ruined castle they encounter her son, rumored to be a monster but he is more than what he seems. Thus begins an amazing adventure set in medieval Scandinavia (or Iceland) that culminates in a showdown with Gudrun beyond the world’s end.

I found the plot of Snowwalker to be as enthralling as Gudrun’s spells, and the characters had a lot of depth to them. This was actually published as a trilogy in the UK- The Snowwalker’s Son, The Empty Hand and The Soul Thieves. I had not heard of Catherine Fisher or this book before, just stumbled across it in the library and I’m glad I did! I’ll definitely be looking for more of her work.


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