May 29, 2007


Posted in Blogging at 5:53 pm by caelesti

I think I may be doing some re-organization. I realized that by listing the authors on the side as categories, I’m going to end up with a really long list that’ll take up a huge length of the page. Instead I’m thinking of listing names of series so books can be put into those- since most of the fiction I read has at least 1 sequel. Then all the books, whether they’re in series or not can be on the Title Index page (changed to Author index) listed by author. The series categories will also include related books like anthologies, and “companion” books that may be by a different author. Or series that have more than one author.

At this point, though it doesn’t matter much as I don’t have that many book reviews up yet.

Also: I came up with a couple new categories that need a little explanation- Retold Tales is any traditional or well-known story being retold or reinterpreted. Or it might be a “prequel” given the backstory to a character like Wicked. Originally it was going to be fairy tales but then I realized there are some well-known stories being re-told that aren’t fairy tales per se.

Arthurian legend (Or maybe “Arthuriana?”) is a category that will include both fiction- novels  inspired by the Arthur tales and nonfiction- the original tales themselves, scholarly commentary on it etc.


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