September 5, 2006

Changes to this Blog

Posted in Blogging at 4:26 pm by caelesti

I’ve realized that I don’t really have enough to say about autism/disability to blog about it regularly, though I do like to write about it when the mood strikes me or something about it comes up. I have more to say about politics and religion, so if you’re interested in those, check out my other blog.
I’ve been wanting a place to put book reviews (I read a LOT!) that is easier to organize than livejournal, and I don’t want to start another blog right now. For now I will keep the autism/disability posts here until I can figure out where else they should go.

I suppose when I write more on these topics I’ll put them on the other blog, under an autism/disability category. Of course I will post on any other changes to the blog.

But if you are a reader who shares any of my interests, stay tuned.


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