March 24, 2006

International WordPress

Posted in Blogging at 6:13 am by caelesti

Huh. Didn’t realize how international WordPress was. I clicked the “Next Blog” button a few times to see what I’d get, and went thru an Asian blog (not sure what language- in Roman characters though) German, and another in one of the Scandinavian languages.

I think search engines have language settings or something- because most hits I get are in English- though that may be more because of a general English bias on the web. I like checking out foreign sites sometimes though. The BBC is a good source of news, and I’ve found a bunch of interesting Canadian sites as well. I’m interested in seeing more Spanish sites, since I speak Spanish- I can understand much of Portuguese too since they’re so closely related- and quite a bit of Italian and some French. Sometime I may study another Romance language…


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